Creative Sports Company

Creative Sports Company

coach weekend
We teach you the principles of getting each person physically and mentally bullet-proof
Work hard play hard and make it happen

your work is complex, we make it simple

1. Learn the 5 principles of movement and the importance of mindset:
Be creative and create your own training style.

2. Learn how to let everyone end the session with a smile:
Using the nervous system, tension over position, breathing mechanisms.

3. Practical knowledge that you can use straight away:
You will be able to help everyone.

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Let us learn you how to make all types of clients move better.

A full weekend immersion into the practical principles of making people move better. Use these principles to build your own method and be less dependent upon the limited methods you are using now.

Hosted by our coaching team that made over 2.000 people move better the last years and who overcame their struggle as a coach by learning from the best in the industry.

Work hard play hard and make it happen

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