Creative Sports Company

Creative Sports Company

Exercising on the beach with weights and equipment that you normally only find in the gym, combined with sports activities that you normally only do in your free time.
Work hard play hard and make it happen

Training at Creative Sports Company,

is a bit different than you are used to. Of course, people come here to train and improve their fitness level, but we have a much more social approach to achieving these goals.

Creative Sports Company consists of a group of sporty people who have fun by coming up with new ways to combine regular sports with strength and functional training.

This is not just an outdoor gym, it is your outdoor playground where you go to become stronger, fitter and happier.

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We work with a personal approach. We keep you accountable. You are not left to your own devices, but we do it together.

We offer daily classes on the beach of Katwijk aan Zee, next to beach club Paal 14, at our Beach Gym "SandStorm".

We will help you become the strongest physical and mental person you can be.

Work hard play hard and make it happen

We are creative with strength training, sports, group classes and personal coaching.